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American Foods Group LLC offers beef bone-in tenderloin. 

Publication: The National Provisioner
Sunday, March 11 2007

American Foods Group LLC announces a very unique item that fits perfectly in a market where consumer demands for high-quality steaks and proportioned cuts have increased. While consumer appetite for new steaks has been somewhat filled by the chuck muscle cuts like the Flat Iron and shoulder filet, American Foods Group has developed a bone-in tenderloin using modern technology and Old World meat knowledge, thereby fulfilling the need for new steak cuts from the loin section. This unique item has increased yields from traditional methods of fabrication, therefore making it more economical. With chefs striving to make plate presentations higher, this steak fits that niche as it is served standing upright, not laying flat, which will leave the customer with a lasting impression of fine dining. The bone-in tenderloin may be purchased from American Foods Group whole, weighing 7 to 10 pounds, or as a portioned steak cut to the customer's specification.