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A Message From Tom

Rosen’s Diversified Inc. was founded in 1946 by my Father, Elmer Rosen and Uncle Ludwig Rosen when they came home from military service in WWII. With little money, but a strong work ethic, they began buying livestock in rural areas and hauling it to St. Paul, Omaha, Sioux City and beyond. In the late 1950s, Dad began selling feed, fertilizer and chemicals to farmers. They entered the “ag chem” business at the right time and grew along with it. In 1974, the Rosen brothers again expanded by purchasing a packing facility, which marked our company’s entrance into the beef-processing industry.

I observed, learned and then entered the family business in 1972; and became CEO in 1991.

 Rosen’s Inc. provides quality agriculture products to 22 key states through 11 distribution centers. Today we operate American Foods Group LLC, the 5th largest beef processing company in the country and ship over four million pounds of beef a day. We have developed our own brands and export to over 38 countries. A key part of our success has been the ability to adapt to market changes and turn challenges into opportunities.

American Foods Group, LLC, is the result of a 2005 merger of two of the largest privately held meat producers in the United States. We are among the top three privately held meat processors in the United States, employing over 4,000 people.

Shortly after, RDI acquired America’s Service Line,
Performance Pet Products and Light Incorporated.

America’s Service Line, LLC is an in-house carrier for American Foods Group and has been in this industry for over 25 years. It is a 48 state carrier with a management team that has over 80 years of trucking experience. America’s Service Line is the shipper’s choice for moving both refrigerated and dry product that requires time sensitive attention.

Performance Pet Products along with Canine Cattle Company, a respected name in dog treats for years are brands of American Foods Group. It is a company devoted to quality and safety. It is devoted to the production of human grade dog and cat food from the highest quality ingredients available.

Light Inc. was founded in 2000. It specializes in marketing, public relations, product packaging and design. It has
designed packaging for products presently in grocery and convenience stores coast-to-coast, including Sam's Club, 7-11 and pet product catalogs. 

My Dad and Uncle could not have imagined the growth our company would enjoy over the years. Today Rosen Diversified Inc. owns a family of companies providing products from farm to table.

Our growing companies look forward to serving yours.

Many thanks,
Tom Rosen