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P MAX™ Improves Phosphorous Uptake
P MAX Develops More Surface Area in Roots Systems, Resulting in Improved Use of Nutrients

LIBERTY, MISSOURI - JANUARY 15, 2010 – Rosen’s Inc. is proud to announce their exclusive rights to market and distribute two new fertilizer additives, P Max and P Max LFS. P MAX is a cost-effective solution that improves phosphorous uptake and improves root surface area resulting in improved nutrient absorption and higher yield potential.

The technology in P Max utilizes the positive and negative charges of elements to protect phosphorous. Soil scientists have focused on improving phosphate fertilizer efficiencies for many years. P Max and P Max LFS (Liquid Fertilizer Solutions) is the result of years of research and has been proven effective in improving the plants ability to use all nutrients, which improves the effectiveness of fertilizer applications. It easily mixes with pre-plant, starter or side-dressed liquid fertilizer solutions to protect phosphate from tying up with other elements. When P Max is added to dry or fertilizer solutions, it improves overall plant uptake by keeping phosphorous more available. This will increase fertilizer efficiency and increase yield potential due to greater availability of nutrients to the plant.

“This is not new or untested technology—but the first time we see it used to greatly improve phosphorous availability to agronomic crops”, according to Kent Woodall, Director of Marketing, Rosen’s, Inc. In typical phosphate fertilizer application, we only get a 25-35% phosphorous efficiency. P Max addresses this issue at a molecular level and results in a healthier plant. The loss of phosphorus is due to the positive charge of calcium, magnesium, iron and aluminum, in the soil, water and fertilizer. P Max improves the availability of phosphorus by attaching to the positive charged elements present in your soil—thus leaving the phosphorus free to do its work. Greater phosphorous uptake leads to more plant roots and improved efficiency of all fertilizer components. P Max tested fields have shown higher yields and a healthier crop. In P Max treated fields we see greater root development on young plants. This is very important because over 90% of phosphate uptake is through root contact or root interception.

Rosen’s, Inc. is an industry leader developing innovative solutions for today’s agribusiness. We provide wholesale crop protection products across the Midwest. We carry all major brands as well as our own line of proprietary products. Our customers benefit from in-field experts and online support site: www.AgInfoToday.com. This communication portal keeps Rosen’s customers up-to-date on the latest agriculture advancements, international weather, real-time commodity prices, market reports, and Rosen’s product pricing and information.

For more information, visit www.AgInfoToday.com.